Convert Your iPad 2 Into An Apple I/II With iStation [video]

Apple has come a long way from its humble beginnings. When the company introduced their Apple I and Apple II platforms in the late seventies, it paved way for the iPads, and MacBooks of today. Their first product was sold as an assembled circuit board –the keyboard, monitor and case had to be added by the owner. In some instances, a wooden case was used.

Inside the unit you’ll find high quality stereo speakers including a subwoofer. Music and audio is streamed from the iPad or even from a USB Flash Drive or microSD. While listening to music on iStation, you can use the music controller next to the iPad stand.

It’s not a portable unit; it lacks a battery so you’ll have to attach it to a power source during use. You can charge your iPad or iPhone by connecting it to the USB port on the back of the iStation.

You can pick up the retro station for $89.95 by visiting the M.I.C.  Store, but quantities are limited (so they say). They also restrict the purchase to one per customer. The peripheral includes the iStation, Bluetooth keyboard and power cables.

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