Download iOS 8.3 Final For iPhone And iPad [Direct Links]

Download Links Of iOS 8.3 final version for iPhone and iPad are out.However, after a number of betas, the update is finally ready for the masses, and along with an assortment of new features, Apple has thrown in a boatload of bug fixes and performance enhancements.

The emoji system has been expanded upon, as was indicated through the betas, and there are now 300 new icons to help further the conversation. Notably, the people emoji range has been diversified, and if you’re a constant user of these minuscule images, then you’ll love the latest software update.

iOS 8.2 was laden with bugs, and as such, iOS 8.3 is all about repairing the damage. The full changelog, which can be seen below, offers a complete look at what’s been amended, but it’s good to see that both Wi-Fi and Safari have been given some attention. iOS 8.2 also prompted a spate of battery-related quibbles when it launched, and there doesn’t appear to be any mention of a remedy here, but with so many tweaks and adjustments, we’d expect a better level of battery retention with iOS 8.3.

iOS 8.3 Download Links:

Here is the video show you how the noteable changes in new iOS 8.3.

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